About Us : A Quick History

REMbrandt's history is somewhat shorter than that of R.E.M.

Formed in 2014 the band was drawn together from a seemingly imperfect circle of acquaintances and friends from the local gigging scene. A few old band mates and some R.E.M. fanatics were assembled in a dingy rehearsal space near Southampton. In a few short months the band emerged onto the local scene, and began to slowly morph into the band you find now. Some faces have changed along the way, each one making their mark, however small. R.E.M. never stood still, they constantly pushed towards new horizons and changed with the times, and it's always been the same for us.

We've played some beautiful theatres, and headlined some great festivals. Rock gigs, acoustic gigs, from 12th century churches to Bournemouth beach, we've been on the bill with a diverse range of artists from Lindisfarne to The Hoosiers, and chatted to Peter Buck about dubious shirt choices.

Our current lineup is now the most professional and coherent that it's ever been, playing on average twice a month at venues and music festivals along the South Coast of England, and doing what it's always done best, remembering and celebrating R.E.M. by playing the music we love, live.

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