About The Music We Play...

You probably know more R.E.M. songs than you realise, but how could you not? Even if you ignore TV and radio, there are 85 million copies of their albums on the planet, in pride of place on turntables, wedged in car stereos and stacked on book shelves. It's inevitable, a 31 year career leaves a lot of time for that music to sink in.

Our sets include all the classic R.E.M. singles already mentioned and shown here, plus a selection of our favourite album tracks. Typically our sets include at least one track from every one of R.E.M.'s 15 studio albums. From 2022, we're including additional material and arrangements from the band's numerous live albums, including their two appearances on MTV Unplugged.

In concert, R.E.M. also often covered material by other artists they admired, were inspired by, or were fortunate enough to work with. So although our sets are obviously mostly R.E.M., we also play songs by the likes of U2, Neil Young, David Bowie, Echo & The Bunnymen, Nirvana, T Rex or Elvis Costello, in the style and context that R.E.M. played them. 

R.E.M. did it, so we do it, and it delivers a show that is more varied and entertaining than many tribute acts, whilst still being relevant. It also guarantees our setlist to be unique, and we've never played the same show twice.

To complement our shows we can provide authentically styled video backdrops for venues and festivals with the appropriate projector equipment. For a full setlist of all our songs or for more show information, get in contact.

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