Some of the reviews left on our Facebook page...

A great tribute to REM, you guys rock! Thank you for keeping the music alive! 5* review - Ber Murphy, founder of the REMembering REM facebook group

A really fun night out. They have a great set including R.E.M.'s most popular and well known songs, some less well known gems, and also songs that R.E.M. covered in their live gigs to provide some variety. A highlight for me was "Strange Currencies" from the album Monster, which was just beautiful. Really great musicians, and I also enjoyed the banter between songs! 5* review

A great tribute band - I am a fan of the original band's music and I think they do a great job in keeping R.E.M.'s music alive. Hope to see more of you this coming year. 5* review

Thanks to the band for a great night out enjoyed by all (West End Brewery)

Such attention to detail, a real tribute to R.E.M. Well done, you are great. 5* review

I think the best review I ever heard was from a man who'd seen R.E.M. four times, and he said that REMbrandt had the spirit of R.E.M. I think being a great band, with a passion for the music is essential. Give every gig 110% and keep working to make each show better than the last. That's what this band is aiming for. 5* review

Have never been a fan of the original band; this is a rare case of a tribute outfit being more entertaining than the real thing. 4* review

An amazing tribute to REM, can't get enough of listening to these guys. Fantastic performers. 5* review

I've just been listening to REMbrandt. Would it be wrong to say I prefer their version of "Man On The Moon" to the original? 5* review

Seen the band a few times now, enjoyed the gigs and heard a few REM songs that are new to me. 5* review

Loved the last gig I was at, but was mystified & fascinated by all the toy dinosaurs (had to have that explained to me). <<Michael>> is a hugely energetic front man (small stages are not for him). 4* review

Fantastic band, very professional, working hard to be as close to R.E.M. as possible. A pleasure to work with. Vicki Wheeler - Music Agent 5* review

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