Performance Details

A quick note about gigs,timings, styles and requirements.

The band predominantly plays in Sussex, Hampshire, Dorset, Wiltshire and Berkshire, but may travel further afield by agreement.

Performances typically consist of 2 x 50 minute sets with a short intermission. At time of writing, the band has 2.5 hours of material, so longer sets are available by agreement. Under normal circumstances, the band will generally require an absolute minimum of one hour of free access to set up in a space approximately 6m wide x 3m deep. Appropriate backing music can be provided by the band free of charge through our PA system during breaks, immediately before and after the performance. Our PA system and equipment is for our sole use, unless specifically agreed.

Performance licences, permissions and the supply of free power are the responsibility of the Hirer or Venue. Performances taking place outside must have suitable weatherproof shelter.

Ideally, performances consist of both acoustic and electric material, however the vast majority of our material can be performed in a more "unplugged" or acoustic style, potentially reducing equipment needs in smaller venues, and making sound levels easier to control. This is not however a "low key" option, it is much closer to a normal set in pace, just with more acoustic instrumentation!

REMbrandt are keen to work with you and your venue to make your booking a success. We will upon request provide you with a limited number of colour A4 posters, and undertake promotion through  our website and social media, however we strongly recommend that the venue undertake as much promotion as they are able. If you require additional material or content please ask. A selection of standard posters is available for pdf download on the posters page.

Depending on your venue, we may require to enter into a standard booking contract, or take a deposit. If you would prefer to deal with the band through an Employment Agent who can hold deposits safely in a client account, or can receive payments by the Event UK or InvaPay systems, this can be arranged. Please ask for details.

A word about your data. The band maintains a record of all communications, received and sent, from any party, if that communication contains relevant, potentially contractual information about current, potential and future bookings. This data is held online, on security protected devices, and is never shared with any third party. Data is reviewed annually for deletion, and is collected on the basis of "legitimate interest" for the use of band bookings, as is not paid for or sought by any means other than publicly available sources such as venue websites or social media. No special category data is collected.

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